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Who we are

With widespread membership across the town, the Irthlingborough Conservatives Association reflects the diversity and values of all the people in our community. The common aim throughout our membership is that we all want to help improve and make Irthlingborough a better to place to live.

We understand that politics is often seen as “this is not for me, no one cares and nothing can really be done”, however making local decisions and taking action can and does affect all of us. We do care, we are very active, hold regular meetings and, with your involvement, we can get things done and make a difference.

Tom Pursglove is the member of Parliament representing us here in Irtlingborough. We are part of the Constituency representing East Northamptonshire and the town of Corby. Peter Bone MP represents nearby Wellingborough & Rushden. We intend to bring you news from both MPs and in return they will look to forward to hearing the news and views of the people of Irthlingborough.

We will also have news regarding the candidate representing Irthlingborough in the new Unitary Council. We also think it is important that Stephen Mold, Acting Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire, hears the views from Irthlingborough, and we as a Community understand better what his role entails and his plans for the future.

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Join us if you care and want to be involved in local politics. Your voice will be heard and together we can make a difference
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Our aims and objectives

Our vision and key objective is to listen to the community and take these views seriously.

We fully understand the community has had a tough time over the last year with many people in the town suffering pain due to Covid-19. Some welcome news is that the vaccination programme is well underway with a massive take up locally.

Irthlingborough is a wonderful place to live. We have fantastic countryside and parks, tremendous road links, and one of the best shopping and community interest locations in the country at Rushden Lakes.

Our schools and churches, accompanied by the local interest associations and societies are very active in the community. We will gladly add links to these non-political groups on a new Community Page coming soon.

Our key aims are to ensure that we all have a personal responsibility for our actions, we should be treating each other with respect – fairly and without prejudice. We believe in the rule of law, diversity, community and enterprise.

We are forward looking with consideration for our local heritage, but it is our great future that needs to be delivered for everyone in the town.

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Some Irthlingborough facts and figures

Population 8,900+

Irthlingborough is a town on the River Nene in Northamptonshire, England. It had a population of 8,900 at the 2011 census.

In 1375

John Pyel, the mayor of London in 1372 and believed to have been born at Irthlingborough circa 1310, obtained a royal licence to found the college of St. Peter, Irthlingborough, by upgrading the parish church of St Peter.

Since 1886

Whitworths, the home baking and healthy snack products company, has been based in the town and employs 310 people at its plant on Wellingborough Road.

The parish church, St Peter, has a lantern tower, unusual for Northamptonshire churches, which was built to guide travellers across the Nene valley in foggy weather. It also has doors at the four cardinal points and has eight misericords in the chancel.

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